about us

Kavim Traffic System Ltd. was founded in 1996 as a road and traffic management company and over the years became one of Israel's leading companies in its field.

 The traffic management field is divided evenly between road maintenance and development of new roads, and includes a variety of disciplines that require certifications by local authorities, the Department of Transportation or government owned corporations, such as: Netivei Israel (formerly The National Roads Company of Israel - Maatz), Ayalon Highways Ltd., Derech Eretz, etc. 

Kavim has certifications in a few key disciplines that allow it to handle most of the maintenance tasks, including; road marking, road signage, safety barriers and more.

The company has a fleet of vehicles and equipment that assists it to comply with the maintenance tasks and all the company's projects are executed by a team of qualified and skilled workers.

In addition to the company's abilities in road maintenance services, Kavim Traffic Systems provides a variety of services to a large number of development contractors, accompanying them on road construction projects

The company specializes in the development, production and installation of a wide variety of safety accessories, which enables it to accompany major projects in the infrastructure industry.

The company holds ISO 9001 for all its areas of expertise and is a certified government approved road contractor.

Kavim strives for excellence and is constantly looking to maximize efficiency without compromising quality.